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Baazar Comida Bisbee: A 5-Star Dining Experience on the Cusp of Two Countries

By: Ari Alexander | With plans moving forward for the new Trump hotel, Mar-a-Wallgo, extravagant fine dining experiences are also in the works. One the the most anticipated new eateries will be a cross-border concept called Baazar Comida, which will be owned and operated by award-winning five-star chef, Jose Andres.

Andres, who owns a handful of award-winning restaurants around the U.S. has decided to bring a creative blending of fresh flavors from both American and Mexican cuisine and serve it on the international border (literally). Diners can expect dishes such as Pink Mariscos and Pineapple Paella, fresh oysters and other seafood imported from the Sea of Cortez, and creative mashups juxtaposing unique favors from the U.S. and Mexico. Love desserts? Save room for the Kansas City Barbeque Baked Alaska with a slice of Juarez-style Texas Sheet Cake. If you’re really daring, try the Southern Fried Tripe served with Habanero Ketchup, the Raw Street Taco Stingray or the “Chicken” Fish (what’s that?). Kentucky Bourbon Braised Short Ribs in Mole Sauce and served on a bed of Queso Chihuahua Grits sound absolutely sinful. For the initial opening, Andres intends to offer some of his most innovative dishes that are featured at his other restaurants for a limited time. His hope is for two cultures and two culinary styles to intertwine with one another and create an entirely new palate palette.

Having visited one of his restaurants, Baazar Meats in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege to try some of his delicious cuisine. Jose Andres is known for expressing his passion for food by taking basic menu items such as a burger and making it magnificent. With the perfect amount of spices and toppings, he can make your taste buds sing with his Chipotle Burger or Sizzling Steak, seasoned with paprika, cinnamon, and a secret blend, allowing for the flavors of the meat to really pop.

The official opening date of the restaurant is to be announced, but Andres is very adamant on getting into the kitchen and making customers happy, hopefully by April 1, 2018. He intends to give people the “dining experience of your dreams”, in hopes that he can allow the clients to “escape from the vast desert and into a confounding food coma”. With the on site winery, guests may also sample some of the resort’s fine Spanish wines, including their signature label, “Blato.” Andres’ touch promises to make the experience truly Bazaar fine dining at it’s best.

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