Bisbee Police Beet March 2019

Courtesy of the Bisbee Observer



• Feb. 19 – A caller complained about a rooster crowing.

Someone came into the station to report a vicious dog.

Water bottles fell off a truck onto the highway. After several calls to Public Works, someone walked over to the department to ask for assistance with cleanup.

A package was stolen off a porch.

A caller reported that photo equipment was stolen from his office.

• Feb. 20 – A resident complained that a man who was told not to use a road posted “No Trespassing” keeps doing it “to make them mad.”

A caller reported that a student was selling pot brownies at the high school.

A man said he received an envelope with “green leafy buds in it.”

A caller complained about a shepherd mix with a short tail jumping in and out of her yard.

• Feb. 21 – Someone driving a white Ford Escape hit an APS pole just south of the Jonquil Motel. The vehicle was heavily damaged and had to be towed.

A caller asked for a welfare check on a dog that was lying in a yard and howling, and appeared to be in pain. The owner told the responding officer that “she is an inside dog but was outside for a while.”

A second-grader brought an unloaded BB gun to school.

A woman complained that her neighbor was blocking her driveway again.

• Feb. 22 – Naco Highway was closed briefly because a “power line” was lying across the road, but it was actually a cable line.

Two callers reported that a white truck parked in a roadway was on fire.

A woman walked to the station to ask for a ride home after her vehicle broke down at the Pit.

• Feb. 23 – A man reported that two of his neighbors tried to break in to his vehicle, but he displayed his weapon and “ran them off.”

A Dish van that was “stuck” on a street was damaged after a tow truck slid into it.

A woman reported a skunk in her trunk. She said she was going to drive out to the “desert” and was hoping it would jump out, but if not, she might need assistance.

• Feb. 24 – A man who lives on Opera complained about loud music at the Copper City Saloon.

• Feb. 25 – A caller reported that a man wearing a NY Yankees hat was smoking “weed” in the Safeway parking lot just after 8 a.m.

Summary of Calls: Between Feb. 18 and 25, 2019, the Bisbee Police Department received 84 calls regarding welfare checks, requests for extra patrol, harassment, domestic violence, theft, suspicious persons and other issues.



• Feb. 19 – A Bisbee resident called about a dog that appears neglected.

A woman in Palominas went to the ER after being bitten by her dog when she tried to break up a dog fight.

• Feb. 20 – An inmate at the Bisbee jail said he was touched “inappropriately” by his cellmate.

• Feb. 21 – A caller reported seeing four or five “illegals” dressed in camo headed south from his house in Palominas.

A Bisbee resident reported that a former renter has been trespassing in a house that is for sale.

A woman in Palominas asked for help after her roof blew off during the storm.

• Feb. 22 – A caller reported a “baby cow” in a roadway in Palominas.

A Hereford resident said a vehicle was blocking the entrance to his home.

An officer responding to a call about a snake in the basement of a home in McNeal identified it as a king snake and moved it outside.

A man in Hereford asked for an animal control officer to pick up his neighbor’s brown pit mix that keeps getting out and is not being cared for.

A caller reported a bull creating a traffic hazard in McNeal.

Two vehicles were “having trouble” on Carr Canyon Road, and the caller asked for the road to be closed above the picnic area.

• Feb. 23 – A hiker in the Huachucas called for help after waking up to a foot of snow covering the trail.

A man said he came back to his house in Bisbee and found yellow tape across the driveway.

A caller reported hearing shots fired near a house about .75 miles up Carr Canyon Road.

A Hereford resident called to report damage to a mailbox.

• Feb. 24 – A man in McNeal said his grandson was refusing to return his keys.

A woman said someone was banging on her window in Bisbee.

A caller reported that two men in a white Toyota truck were shooting at the “No Shooting” sign at the old firing range in Bisbee.

A Hereford resident said he found drug paraphernalia belonging to his wife.

A caller asked for help getting cattle off Davis Road in McNeal.

A Hereford resident reported that her neighbor’s dog got out and attacked her dog.

• Feb. 25 – A caller said two people were “hiding out” in a home that is for sale in Hereford.

An on-duty Border Patrol agent was pulled over for going 81 mph in a 65 mph zone in Bisbee.

A caller complained about someone target shooting in Hereford.

A Palominas resident said someone in a Lincoln Continental had been “flying up and down the road.”

A caller reported that someone broke into his mother’s vehicle in Bisbee.


• Feb. 26 – Kimberly Diaz, 30, Palominas, was booked into the Cochise County Jail charged with possession or use of a dangerous drug, possession or use of drug paraphernalia and DUI, DUI .8 or greater and extreme DUI.

• Feb. 27 – Laura DevVilbiss, 64, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with touching to provoke and domestic violence.

Keith Grubbs, 54, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with probation violation.

Evangelina Estrada, 55, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with fraudulent schemes and artifices, forgery and theft.

• March 1 – Franklin Baker, 56, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

Jackie Damron, 66, Elfrida, was booked into jail charged with disorderly conduct/domestic violence.

Bradley DeHoyos, 21, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with probation violation.

Caleb Hodges, 20, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with disobeying a judicial mandate.

• March 3 – Michael Metli, 31, Bisbee was booked into jail charged with making unreasonable noise.

Pretrial inmates in the Cochise County Jail are innocent until proven guilty.



• Feb. 25 – A caller reported that a student created a social media account and was claiming a teacher is a sex offender.

A woman said a large black dog chased her. The responding officer said the owner retrieved his dog, which had just gotten loose.

A caller reported that a dark brown medium-sized dog wearing a brown leather collar attacked her and her unleashed dogs.

The owner of the Copper Queen hotel said that last September someone stole the book that guests write their ghost experiences in.

A woman said she got a phone call from someone saying her Social Security number was being used for illegal activities in Texas.

A caller complained that the “electric company entered without notice” and injured her dog.

Someone reported a “noisy” male playing basketball in a park and refusing to leave.

• Feb. 26 – A caller asked to speak to an officer about a Facebook video made by someone who claimed to be in a gang and was threatening to kill him.

A resident complained about “an infestation of cats” at his residence.

A caller reported that a male was sitting on the front sidewalk at Greenway Elementary.

A silver and blue pickup with no license plate was tagged for towing after someone complained it had been parked for about two or three months.

A Douglas Police employee who called to report that an animal had damaged a DPD vehicle was told to call the sheriff’s office.

A man said he saw the driver of a dark Altima stop and hand “a kid” what looked like “a baggie.”

• Feb. 27 – A woman reported a hit and run accident near milepost 340 on West Highway 80.

A resident on Manuelito Trail off of Congdon asked for help with an ongoing issue with a neighbor who was vandalizing a fence.

A caller reported possibly gang-related graffiti on the back of a garage.

A woman complained that a neighbor was reaching over her fence and pushing a piece of tin away. She said the neighbor had been advised by police to leave things alone until they go to court over an ongoing issue with property lines.

A caller said that a male on a bike who was wearing a dark LA Dodgers cap and a white jacket with dark sleeves tried to pay with a $5 bill that had been “modified” to look like a $50 bill.

• Feb. 28 – A woman said she received a scam call fro