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Bisbee Police Beat January 2019



• Jan. 22 – An inmate was reportedly threatening detention officers.

A caller said two people carrying “a glowing red light” stopped outside and shined it into the bedroom. The caller believed they might have been planning to burglarize the residence, which has been vacant for extended periods in the past.

A caller who claimed he owns a “private road” said nearby residents who believe it is their property have been harassing and chasing off his hired workers. The responding officer deemed it a civil matter.

A man said someone who identified himself as an APS employee had been threatening to shut off power to his business, and he had paid $5k in cash in the past two days.

An officer responding to a report of a deer stuck in a fence on the west end of the cemetery was able to free the animal.

A man reported that a book, sweatshirt and radio were stolen from his truck.

A caller said she and her husband heard a shot fired, possibly from a shotgun.

A woman who was working late said she heard a male voice in the bathroom and then heard a noise, so she locked herself in the office. She said she would not come out until officers knocked on the door.

• Jan. 23 – A caller said someone stole a car charger and paperwork, including vehicle registration, from an unsecured vehicle on Friday, Jan. 18, and that the neighbors’ vehicle was burglarized the same night.

Two juveniles were cited and released after a physical altercation.

A caller reported that a woman who was “upset because she didn’t get assistance” told an employee, “I hope that when you get in your car, you crash and die.”

A woman said her cousin showed up at her house angry because of an argument over who owns the private road on Spring Canyon.

A caller said she had a photo of a man who had stolen mail from her mother’s mailbox.

Two calls came in at the same time about a reckless driver who hit the stop sign at Congdon and Bisbee Road. An hour and a half later a woman called to report that her son was drunk and yelling at her, and the responding officer determined he was the reckless driver who hit the sign. The vehicle was impounded, and the man was cited and released.

A woman said she and her husband were asleep when a man walked into her bedroom and said his friend used to live there. Officers located and detained an individual near Rand and Wolverine matching the description she gave them.

• Jan. 24 – A caller reported hearing a woman yelling, “Don’t hurt me!” and said she was with outside with a group of men who appeared to be moving into the residence. A related call came in about a half hour later from someone who reported seeing two men armed with sticks getting “physical.”

A caller who originally complained about loud music “all morning” at a nearby construction site called back to say the city employees working on the fire hydrant were making more noise than the music.

Water utility lids were stolen near Calle de la Rosas.

A wheelchair was abandoned in some weeds by the side of a house.

A woman reported that a man she’d argued with the week before about cutting across her easement had just walked across the easement again and was carrying a bundle of sticks. She said he yelled, “Watch your car, b****!” and stated he had threatened to slash her tires in the past.

A caller said a dog was barking like he was lost or trying to alert someone near the trail on Ridgeline on the north side of Tombstone Canyon.

A helicopter was called for a man who was found bleeding on the side of a road after he jumped out of a car.

A man said his daughter saw a male with short hair and wearing a black and red checked hoodie trying to break in to her car.

• Jan. 25 – A caller complained about workers illegally burning demolition waste near Laundry Hill and Dragon View.

Two peopled reported a well cared for, non-aggressive Husky running loose.

A man asked if he could throw away some personal items left behind two weeks earlier by a woman named Melissa.

A caller asked for assistance after being cut off by a driver whose vehicle kicked up a rock and broke the windshield.

Public Works was notified after a caller reported sewage leaking from the cleanout on the side of a house.

Four vehicles were marked for blocking the rear entrance of the post office.

A caller claimed that a woman with red hair was yelling in a nearby yard like she was “possessed.”

A woman said “a fake sister” stole $40 and her dead father’s clothes.

• Jan. 26 – A woman said her neighbor’s dog was loose again and was keeping her from leaving her house.

An individual hung up after complaining about a man walking his dog without a leash.

A caller said a 4-year-old girl was sitting with a dog at a nearby intersection.

A dog owner was issued a warning after another complaint about barking.

• Jan. 27 – A small dog that was wandering near the traffic circle was taken to the shelter.

A man who claimed he was assaulted by “gang bangers” was transported to the hospital.

An individual was charged with disorderly conduct after a realtor reported that she and her fiancé and another person were assaulted while showing a property. She said the man threw rocks at them, was verbally abusive, and got into a physical altercation with one of them.

DPS asked for assistance after following a stolen vehicle to St. Elmo’s.

Summary of Calls: Between Jan. 21 and 28, 2019, the Bisbee Police Department received 91 calls regarding welfare checks, requests for extra patrol, harassment, domestic violence, theft, suspicious persons and other issues.



• Jan. 21 – A Hereford resident said two cars were broken into and car keys were missing.

A pile of hay about 10 feet wide and 2 feet high was blocking a road in McNeal.

A woman in Palominas said she has “an issue” with coyotes killing her chickens.

• Jan. 22 – A Hereford man said his female Blue Heeler, wearing a gray and white collar, had been missing for about 10 days.

A Palominas resident said her large white, fluffy dog was missing.

Someone who allegedly stole a gun in Palominas was reportedly trying to sell it.

A Hereford resident complained that his neighbor was illegally using a burn barrel again.

• Jan. 23 – A woman called to report that a skunk had sprayed her dogs in the backyard of her Palominas residence and asked, “How do you get the smell off?”

A caller said a man who was walking in the middle of a road in Double Adobe and waving his arms might be intoxicated.

• Jan. 24 – A cyclist stopped at the Palominas fire station and asked for help getting to Sierra Vista.

An inmate in Bisbee said he wanted to press charges against another inmate who allegedly stabbed him in the face with a pencil.

A Hereford resident reported large holes in her yard that she thinks were made by “an animal.”

A Palominas resident offered to provide the address of a reckless driver in a Lincoln Continental who was “flying down the road.”

A woman called from New Mexico to report that a “suspicious male” had jumped into her yard in Hereford.

• Jan. 25 – Fry Fire called for assistance with a woman who was having difficulty breathing due to a panic attack.

DPS reported a dead deer in a roadway in Bisbee.

A Hereford man asked a friend to call for help after “a vehicle fell on his head.”

A woman complained that Amerigas filled her propane tank in Hereford without her permission.

A caller said he was going to shoot a man in Hereford if he picked up any rocks.

• Jan. 26 – A fatal car accident occurred in Double Adobe.

A man complained that someone in Palominas had short-changed him $20.

A Hereford resident called to advise he was firing up his barbecue in case anyone called to report it.

A man said he had video of vehicles speeding in Hereford.

A hunter said he found a human skull south of Highway 82 on Powerline Road.

• Jan. 27 – A Hereford landlord asked for an officer to meet him at a property where his tenant had cut a water hose.

A female brindle Pit named Nada was found in Palominas.

• Jan. 28 – A man in Hereford called to report that a woman was accusing him of raping her “years ago,” and she and a male companion were out in the road yelling at him.


• Jan. 28 Andres Galvez Gonzalez, 48, Naco, was booked into the Cochise County Jail on a courtesy hold.

• Jan. 30 Paul Roberts, 41, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear.

• Jan. 31 – Ian MacPhail, 29, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with being a prohibited possessor in possession of a weapon.

• Feb. 2 Cody Morales, 26, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear.

Alan Percy, 23, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear.

• Feb. 3 Torres Parker, 49, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear and possession or use of a dangerous drug.

Pretrial inmates in the Cochise County Jail are innocent until proven guilty.



• Jan. 28 – Officers cleared a house near M and C Streets after noticing an open door at the back. They discovered a broken window but said the house is in poor condition and appeared to be abandoned, so it was unclear when the damage occurred.

A woman said a loose donkey tried to trample her dog while she was taking it for a walk. She said the donkey has a history of attacking people and dogs, and has been an ongoing problem.

A couple of callers reported a possible deceased body hanging over a wall in Brewery Gulch. An officer responded on foot and did not find a body.

A caller said a Ford 250 had been stolen from Public Works, but a county employee said there were no missing vehicles.

Editor's Note: Thank you to the Bisbee Observer for providing the following copy.


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