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(Video) Love Coffee? You Must Try Old Bisbee Roasters – They Ship!

I really love small batch, artisan coffees from local Arizona roasters. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures, spending a little more to have a really good cup of coffee. I don’t drink huge amounts of coffee; I limit myself to one (large) cup a day so I don’t send my nervous system into a tailspin. When I brew my morning cup, I like to make it a high-quality treat and sip it slowly while I peruse the morning news.

I’ve found a few great locally-owned Arizona coffee roasters that I really enjoy, and my most recent and favorite discovery is Old Bisbee Roasters, an artisan roaster that’s been in the bean business for 20 years. I found them a few months ago during a visit to Bisbee with a friend who was told to pick up a pound of coffee from Old Bisbee Roasters for another friend who knew we’d be visiting.

We found their coffee stand just inside a narrow courtyard of small businesses called Peddler’s Alley, located at 15 Main Street in Bisbee, where the friendly Seth Appell greeted us in his iconic cowboy hat and offered us a free shot of espresso. The aroma of fresh coffee smelled so good we simply couldn’t pass it up. It was really, really good. Seth had a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans for sale by the pound that day, and I chose two: the Bali Blue Krishna and the Guatemala San Martin.

I took them home and tried both, and both were outstanding. I especially liked the Bali Blue Krishna and wanted to get more, but alas on my next trip to Bisbee, it was not available at the stand. But I did take Seth up on another free shot of espresso and picked up some more of the Guatemala and the Moka Java. Again, both excellent.

I noticed on their packaging that they do ship, so I wanted to see if I could order some of the Blue Krishna online. Sure enough, they did offer it online and I ordered two pounds. It arrived two days later with a label that read, “Roasted for Nancy Puffer, January 3, 2018.” Wow, fresh and roasted to order – with free shipping! I know where I’m getting my coffee from now on. I paid $17 per pound, but to me it’s worth every penny. When I bought the last two packs in Bisbee they came with a $5 off coupon if you order online, so I paid $29 total for the two pounds of Blue Krishna.

What makes this local roaster so much better than a mass-produced coffee? According to their website:

We roast unusual, small farm coffees and deliver them to you at the peak of flavor. Roasting for taste, rather than color, you enjoy the true character and subtleties each varietal has to offer.

Small batches mean personal attention to every roast. Our Diedrich roaster only produces 20 pounds at a time for a total output of about 60 pounds an hour.

Who We Are

Seth: Coffee Buyer Brett: Coffee Roaster Shayna: Customer Service Naomi: Customer Service, Office, Etc. Wendy: Packaging

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