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July 16 – A two-vehicle accident resulted in injuries.

A man who was out of town said his neighbors called to let him know there were teenagers “roaming the property.”

A man asked for help getting the mother of his child to follow a court-ordered parenting plan.

A caller complained about a neighbor playing his guitar “really loud with all his doors open on a regular basis.”

A man said several items were stolen from his vehicle while he was visiting.

A caller reported that a large utility truck and a “house on wheels” were blocking access to his property.

A woman and two men were reportedly fighting over a child in the Safeway parking lot.

A caller complained about someone “barking like a dog and causing a disturbance.”

A caller asked for someone to check on a dog that was tied to a chain less than 5 feet long, had no food and water, and is never taken inside during bad weather.

A man was reportedly approaching “seniors” and begging for money.

A caller reported that a man was yelling behind Safeway again, and he planned to confront him because “he is tired of it.”

A man in front of the Grand Hotel was reportedly drunk and stumbling around before lying on the ground; the responding officer determined he was sick, not intoxicated.

A woman said someone threw a rock at her vehicle near Sunset Acres trailer park.

July 17 – A caller complained that a neighbor’s dogs had been barking for over an hour.

A man at Gore Park reportedly threatened to kill someone.

A man said his dark blue 2007 Hummer H3 was stolen by a woman he’d “picked up” the night before. When he woke up, she was gone, and so were his keys.

A man from Sierra Vista said his wallet was stolen out of his cart.

A landlord reported that a man had rammed a pole through the garage wall of his rental property and damaged the tenant’s car.

A caller said three men had abandoned a pickup truck about a week before, and it was causing parking problems for residents and families trying to take their kids to the park.

A caller said a “daily shuttle” containing pleadings for court cases had been missing since July 6 and was believed to have been stolen.

A woman said her parked car was hit by a woman driving a white Chevy Cruze who left the scene.

A caller complained that a neighbor has been coming over to their property and threatening and harassing them.

July 18 – A woman said the grounds keeper at her complex came into her apartment and was yelling and cursing at her about “laughing after 10 p.m.” the previous night.

A woman reported that her ex, for whom she has an order of protection, was sitting on the stairs across from where she works and smoking marijuana.

A caller involved in a dispute about property lines said his neighbor threatened to shoot him.

A man said his father was confronted by someone in front of his house, and when his father went inside, the man started banging on a car window.

A woman who was lying down inside a restaurant and not responding was taken to the hospital.

A woman called for help with a vehicle blocking her private driveway.

A woman complained that her neighbor keeps screaming at her dogs because they are barking, “but they are barking because he’s standing there screaming at them.”

Someone reported a rattlesnake in the front yard.

A man complained that a “patrolman” keeps pulling his wife over and harassing her.

July 19 – A caller reported that her mother and stepfather had been drinking and were fighting outside.

A woman who refused to pay her bill at the Copper City Saloon was charged with theft.

A caller asked that a red and green Isuzu Rodeo that had been parked nearby for two weeks be tagged for a parking violation.

A large bonfire was reportedly creating a possible fire danger.

A woman called for help after a “female” tried to get inside her residence.

A gate on Howell Avenue was reportedly vandalized.

A dog was killed on Naco Highway.

July 20 – A caller reported that a man who had been trespassing the previous night had returned.

A woman said someone broke into her freezer at a residence on Spring Canyon Road and left it open.

A suicidal woman was transported to Canyon Vista Hospital.

A woman called to report a large tree had fallen on top of her car and had brought a power line down with it. A responding officer noted that a sewer line had been broken as well.

A large white metal sign in the middle of the road was creating a traffic hazard.

A man reported that an electrical line had been ripped out of the side of his house.

Someone on a motorcycle was reportedly speeding through Tombstone Canyon for over 20 minutes.

July 21 – A man said he heard five to seven “pops” behind the old Plaza Liquors building.

A small tree fell on a woman’s parked car, damaging the passenger side.

A dog running in traffic was eventually captured and was later retrieved by its owner.

A woman said items were missing from her residence and things had been moved around.

After a caller reported hearing calls for help, medics were requested for someone who had fallen.

July 22 – A caller said two Hispanic males were yelling at “a guy” and throwing rocks at him.

A woman reported losing her wallet on Main Street near the Coffee Company.

A caller said she almost hit a large Hispanic male in a black shirt, black boots and jeans who was standing in the middle of the road.

July 23 – A man complained that people have been dumping trash on his property, including dog feces.

Summary of Calls: Between July 16 and 23, 2018, the Bisbee Police Department received 99 calls regarding domestic violence, welfare checks, extra patrol, harassment, theft, suspicious persons and other issues.



The current CCSO media report was unavailable at press time.


July 23 – Daniel Baker, 36, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear.

Uriel Vargas Vasquez, 31, Bisbee, was booked into jail on a fugitive warrant.

Frank Benavidez, 49, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with threat to cause physical injury or property damage.

July 24 – Bert Colita, 74, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with disorderly conduct/domestic violence.

July 25 – Brian Henery, 34, Hereford, was booked into jail charged with disorderly conduct/domestic violence and intentional injury/domestic violence.

Mickey Oller, 60, McNeal, was booked into jail charged with assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct/domestic violence and threatening/domestic violence.

July 26 – Manuel Moots, 38, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with theft.

July 28 – Yesenia Moreno, 20, Naco, was booked into jail charged with failure to appear.

Kurtiss Munro, 41, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with intentional injury and domestic violence, fighting and disruptive behavior, defacing or damaging property and a fugitive warrant.

Allan Percy, 23, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with intentional injury/domestic violence.

July 29 – James Sorg, 35, Bisbee, was booked into jail charged with probation violation and false reporting.

Pretrial inmates in the Cochise County Jail are innocent until proven guilty.



July 23 – A man was taken to jail after threatening a victim’s advocate because he was angry that the owner of a dog that he claimed bit him was not going to be prosecuted.

The crisis team responded to a medical emergency involving a highly intoxicated man who was suicidal.

July 24 – A caller complained that his neighbors’ dogs had been barking for more than three hours, since 6 a.m.

A caller requested assistance with a “diamondback snake.”

A man lost his white S5 Galaxy phone with a blue cover after leaving it on the top of his car.

A dog was left inside a silver Kia.

July 25 – A man who was working on his car at 4:30 a.m. had two neighbors call to complain about the noise.