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Bisbee: Hippie paradise with a historic flare

Hipster has had its time in the sun, and now it is time for the rise of the sun-children, once again. At least it is in Arizona.

Those of you out there looking for a little bit of an escape into the land of hippies and all their lifestyle offers need not make the run to California any more.

Sure, San Francisco will always been known has the home of the hippies, but Bisbee, Arizona, is the new must-visit hippie town in the United States. This Arizona town, located way down in the southern end of the state, was a former old mining town, but is now the best hippie town in all of Arizona, according to Thrillist.

Bisbee can be found just a few miles north of the Mexican boarder, and has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years thanks to vacationers looking for a destination spot that allows them the ability to experience all the wonders that historic Arizona offers, all while soaking in the unique cultural elements Bisbee has to offer.

Bisbee does not shy away from the quirky side of things as it boasts a colorfully painted downtown full of art cars and hippie individuals who are maybe as colorful as the downtown decor. A lot of these people have moved here specifically to indulge in the creative, and free environment in the desert.

While the town still has links to its blue-collared mining past, it is integrated with its colorful present nearly flawlessly. Maybe the best example of this is the mining museum downtown that often has groups of hacky-sackers hanging out in the park out front. However, taking strolls through all the surrounding neighborhoods acts as a museum all on its own, thanks to all of the decorations and art instalments that decorate the lawns and porches of the homes in the area,

Proof that Bisbee has not lost track of its roots is the fact that USA Today named it the best historical small town in the nation earlier in the year.


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