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Bisbee Art Walk Charmer 5

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Making my way down Bisbee's Art Walk yesterday, I stopped in first at the PSA Art Awakenings Gallery for their exhibit, "Legacies of the Feminine." After the wine reception, I started strolling down Main Street, when a painting artist (imagine that!) caught my attention and pulled me in to watch longer. Artist Carrie Olaje also drew in a fabulous pirate who had come for the Pirates of the Wasteland party. The fabulous pirate turns out to be a positively fabulous muralist, designer, woodcarver, photographer, and more! He gave me his card, and in the morning I and my partner spent our coffee hour engrossed in the works of Montigue Eaton. What resonates most with me is his balance between sensuality and self-control in ways which complement each other, such as rich, vibrant colors shaped into precision and accuracy. Equilibrium between Muse and Method.

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