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Bisbee Art Walk Charmer 4

After separating myself from the fascinating art at the "Legacies of the Feminine" exhibit at the PSA Art Awakenings Gallery, I made it as far the The Look Vintage and Modern Gallery. The artist in the photo below snatched my attention, and I had to come in and watch her paint. I had the mesmerizing pleasure of watching Carrie Olaje bring to life a woman on canvas. You can learn more about her fabulous work at You can also look forward to seeing more of her right here. Amidst all the frivolity and frenzy over the Art Walk and Pirates of the Wasteland party, Carrie Olaje caught my attention yesterday in a fleeting matter of seconds, and now she has a new fan for life! From her colors, themes, and proportions, I feel that we share appreciation of beauty, personal freedom, and healthy self-indulgence, and this is what resonates most with me.

Art by Carrie Olaje.


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