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Bisbee Art Walk Charmer 3

At the closing party yesterday for the exhibit of "Legacies of the Feminine", I got fascinated with more colors and textures in the artwork of another local artist in the Bisbee / Douglas area. Cyn Kuhn has work regularly featured at PSA Art Awakenings Gallery in Bisbee. She is most famous for her faceless feminine portraits which invoke the gazer's mind's eye to conjure the features. Her charming whistling peace pigs have become another star hit. What resonates with me most in her art, is the uplifting influence from her portraits, various scapes, and whimsical folk art. Having followed her professional career for over a year now, I have felt a continuous thread of an artist wanting to make people feel joy. Besides the gallery in Bisbee, you can also meet Cyn Kuhn at the Bisbee Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. She'd love to meet you and tell you about her whistling peace pigs and other unique projects in the works!

Adorable whistling peace pigs by artist Cyn Kuhn


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