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Bisbee Art Walk Charmer 1

HI EVERYONE! This month's art walk coincided with Bisbee's annual Pirates of the Wasteland party. Writers, artists, photographers, musicians, culturalists, everyone - the weekend was rich with opportunity and inspiration. I started the Bisbee Art Walk and couldn't complete it, and now I'll tell you who charmed my attention and made me forget about time.

As I emerge from a pretty blissful haze, and reminisce over the night, I am tickled and honored to have met some powerful talent. I attended the closing reception for the exhibit of Legacies of the Feminine, hosted by Ryan at the PSA Awakenings Art Gallery. Not only did the curator bring the exhibit together, but he shared one of his own pieces titled, "Let's Talk About Beauty Standards."

Featured in the exhibit of "Legacies of the Feminine" at PSA Art Awakenings Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona.


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